"...excellent use of lighting by Charlie Morgan Jones allows such sorcery... "
- The Article
Das Rheingold, Longborough Festival Opera
"There's real pain in these scenes, and skill in both composition and performance."
- The Guardian
REDD, Barbican
"...the lighting by Charlie Morgan Jones fades to a foggy amber, while sound levels recede, then pulse forwards..."
- The Sunday Times
REDD, Barbican
"Charlie Morgan Jones' spectacular lighting is atmospheric and dramatic, with beautiful use of smoke and lights to recreate the Northern Lights, as well as a magical feel from Gerda and the Snow Queen's spells."
- BroadwayWorld
The Snow Queen, Rose Theatre, Kingston
"The staging was blessed with a perfect foundation in the shape of Adrian Linford's realistic tenement set...and the whole was topped off by Charlie Morgan Jones's atmospheric lighting."
- Opera Magazine
Street Scene, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
"The shows other key elements are equally admirable: Charlie Morgan Jones's moody, sometimes radiant lighting..."
- The Times
REDD, Barbican